Public announcement of environmental impact...

  1. Name and outline of the construction project

  Project name: quzhou wuzhou special paper co., LTD

  Project summary: the project mainly adopts advanced technology, the introduction of the paper machine drive system with the international advanced level, Germany's Siemens ac frequency conversion control system, Siemens tension sensor, Austria net original dehydration, QCS full of quantitative control system equipment in the United States, to buy 4400 type long net special paper machine, hydraulic pulper, double disk soft calender, vacuum pump, roll of paper machine, cutting machine, air compressor and other domestic equipment. After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity of 64,000 tons of heat-transfer printing base paper will be formed. The project is located in the producing area of quzhou wuzhou special paper co., LTD, with a newly built construction area of 6576m2. The total investment of the project is 322.51 million yuan.

  2. Distribution of major environmental sensitive targets within the scope of environmental impact assessment

       3. Overview of the possible impact of the construction project on the environment

  The influence of waste water, noise and solid waste on the surrounding environment.

  4. Key conclusions of environmental impact statement evaluation

  Quzhou wuzhou special paper co., LTD., with annual capacity of 64000 tons of thermal transfer printing base paper technical expansion projects in accordance with national and local industrial policies, in line with the quzhou city master plan and other various planning, conform to the requirements of the environmental function area planning Quzhou City, conform to the principle of clean production and the pollutant discharging standard, conform to the public inquiry specification, comply with the construction project environmental impact caused by the environmental quality requirements designated by the local environmental function division, the principle of total amount control and other environmental protection for examination and approval requirements. During the implementation of this project, various pollution prevention and control measures and environmental management proposed in this report must be implemented to reduce the impact on the environment, strictly implement the "three simultaneous" system, and ensure the discharge of waste water and noise up to the standard and the disposal of solid waste. To achieve the integration of social benefits, economic benefits and environmental benefits, and at the same time to minimize the impact of construction projects on regional environmental quality. According to the analysis of this eia, from the perspective of environmental protection, the construction of this project is feasible.

  5. The way and time limit for the public to consult the brief version of eia documents

  Environmental impact for the public to learn this project, can call, letter or email to the construction unit and the eia units refer to relevant content in this construction project environmental impact report, if you want to know further information, may consult the construction unit and the eia units, public access and consulting for the duration of the public during 10 working days, the time of the public for April 27, 2018-2018 on May 11.

  6. Scope and main issues of soliciting public opinions

  This project eia public participation will ask for project evaluation within the scope of the representatives of the citizens, legal persons or other organizations such as opinions and Suggestions to the construction of the project, to solicit public opinion of the main contents include the main environmental problems of public attention, project construction on surrounding environment and the possible impact on the project of environmental protection work other opinions or Suggestions.

  7. Specific forms for soliciting public opinions

  This project solicits public opinions mainly in the form of online announcements and public notices posted on the bulletin boards of the project location and surrounding towns and villages. The public may express their opinions and opinions on the construction of the project and the eia work by sending letters and making telephone calls to the designated public address.

  The public announcement and comments will be made from April 27, 2018 to May 11, 2018.

  The environmental impact assessment unit will record the public's opinions and Suggestions in the environmental impact report of the project, and report their valuable opinions and Suggestions to the construction unit, the design unit and the relevant departments.

  8. How and when the full text of the environmental impact statement will be published

  Before submitting the environmental impact report of the project to the local environmental protection department for approval, the full version of the report can be downloaded from the website of the construction unit and enterprise. The publication time of the full version is determined by the progress of the submission and approval of the eia report, and the publication time is not less than 10 working days.

  [note] : the public is invited to provide as many contact details as possible.

  9. Contact information of local environmental protection department, eia unit and construction unit

  Members of the public may make comments to their contacts by telephone or E-mail:

  (1) environmental assessment unit

  Nanjing saite environmental engineering co., LTD. (national eia certificate no. 1964)

  Contact number: 025-85283592

  Contact person: zhang gong

  Contact address: 2F, 285 zhongshan north road, nanjing


  The construction unit

  Construction unit: quzhou wuzhou special paper co., LTD

  Contact: han gong

  Contact number: 18057016858

  Examining and approving units

  Quzhou City environmental protection bureau tel: 0570-3082905

  Quzhou wuzhou special paper co. LTD

  April 26, 2018

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